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Gold Body Harness Jewelry

    • Jewellery bust harness with rain of strass. For the trendy woman, this body harness makes and breaks the fashion rules.

Golden Rain Necklace

  • Multi-row necklace gold very dressy to wear during your events
  • To wear with a dress or a blouse …

Harness Body Chain

    • Bust jewelry harness with rain rhinestones
    • Wear at your events to beautify your even simple dresses

Gold and Silver Necklace

  • Necklace in metallic Creepers which give an effect of harmonious movement
  • Why you'll love this beautiful necklace in tune with the times

Collier Necklace

    • Necklace with 5 black stones with a subtle mix of gold thread
    • Necklace that is worn around the neck
    • A classic revisited with modern lines